I am Timothy Alsbrooks, a professional photographer and videographer residing in Dallas, TX.

My professional career started quite literally by accident…

After skateboarding for nearly a decade, in 2015 I snapped my radial head and doctors said I wouldn’t be able to get back on a board for a year. I didn’t want to miss out on the energy and excitement, so I looked for another way to get back out there.

I always had an interest in photography, so I invested in a camera and began shooting my friends skateboarding. Bringing my passion and dynamic perspective to the pavement, I earned much praise within the community and after a few months, I knew I found something special.

From photography to videography, my creative obsession grew…

I was inspired to enter some of my work in a national photography contest where I was selected to be one of the Nikon 100 – the next generation of Nikon storytellers.

After getting these amazing accolades and experiences under my belt, I decided to shift my focus to street and lifestyle photography. As these requests and opportunities began to pour in, I noticed that the majority of my work was revolving around lifestyle and product photography commissioned by brands and agencies for social media.

As I look back, it seems as if in the blink of an eye, this accidental career in creative was up and running fast, purely through grassroots efforts. Winning jobs left and right, the demand for my services continued to grow, and somewhere in the creative chaos, I became known as TA Visuals.

So there I was… Addicted to making beautiful photos and videos. The cure? Making more…

Today, I push myself and my creative eye beyond the noise and fast-paced nature of the industry, focusing on the beauty that is already out there, and often missed. My work is much like my story: a summation of what I see, and what I feel. In the digital age, photography and videography are like writing in ink. They are how I leave my mark.

Client List

Harley-Davidson, Tenba Bags, Super Heroes Fit, Savage Universal, TruLabs, GroMo Agency, Kessler Shaving Co, Revival Experience, Inspire Productions, Clancy, MeFOTO, Sony Alpha, Tokina USA

Editorial Includes

Nikon USA, KillaFramez, DallasSocial

The next generation of Nikon Storytellers.

Dallas, TX